Jan 6, 2016

Dear Valentina and Ewa,

I wanted to thank you very much for the amazing yoga retreat in Blue Osa.

I enjoyed it a lot, not only the classes you taught but also the spirit of the group you have assembled.

It was a unique experience where I learnt a lot, thank you very much.

I wish all the best for the beginning of the year and hope to see you again in another retreat.



Ewa / Valentina,

I am back home and still trying to adjust to not being at the Osa.  But your article definitely helped.

I didn’t get a chance to write down my feedback but I can just tell you in my email.  There really isn’t anything that I would have wanted done differently.  The location / classes / people / food all worked seamlessly.  It is definitely the best trip I have ever taken.  I will judge all future trips off of this one.  A majority of the credit does go to you both for creating such an amazing environment for your retreat.

The one thing that I thought was special was having Yoga at night.  I think that the cooler temperature and darker mood made the yoga class different and special.  But since bugs can’t be a problem when the sun goes down, I don’t know if that is something that could have been done more often.   But if that was anything I would update, it would be to have some alternative times on some days.

Your retreat was such a blessing to attend and I know 2016 will be amazing cause it started in such an amazing way.