Break-Ups Hurt

Break-Ups Hurt

Sometimes life has a way of pulling the rug from under your feet that leaves you…breathless.

A relationship in my life that I thought as fundamental, stable and thriving has just ended after a few confusing months.

The emotions that have been going through me during this process are endless.

A mix of sadness, fear, more sadness, regret, guilt, anger, jealousy, over-thinking, helplessness, frustration and more.

I’ve noticed these feelings seem heightened at night and in the mornings.



I have had my fair share of complicated relationships in the past. I used to go from one long relationship to another.

Then I started dating, and it was quite disastrous.  I did the Tinder thing.

Then I finally decided to spend a whole year alone to understand I needed to respect and love myself  before anyone else.

I always thought that my ideal man was blonde, blue eyed, tall, a world traveler, older, and with a college degree.

Instead, I ended up falling in love with someone who is shorter than me (but so so handsome!), brown eyed, dark haired,  younger but more mature  and confident than any guy I’ve ever dated  and with the purest soul I’ve ever encountered.

With him I slowly stripped down all expectations of what I had decided I wanted and I arrived at a place of appreciation of this unexpected gift life had put on my path. I had to distinguish between what made ME happy versus what society thought was right for me. 

I found in him an unfazed, strong and honest companion. There were good hearted laughs, interesting conversation and an authentic, sweet connection that didn’t need to be explained.We have fun together with the simplest of things.




The relationship began long distance all the way from California. This relationship defied everybody’s (including my) expectations and lasted for a year and a half of broken-up phone calls with bad reception, endless texts and a few fun trips in between.

Last year,I finally took the plunge and moved to Costa Rica during the rainy season. And it was hard. The relationship became strained. But there was never a doubt in my mind we would make it through it. Following that, there were ups and down, just like any other relationship. But it was all so new. Living together, and especially  living together in the jungle was something neither of us had done before.

And then things took a turn for the worse. Lack of communication, lack of respect, and just the daily grind making us forget about how special it all was. Making us forget about the big picture and what really matters.

In Italy, in California,  everyone is asking about him. Everybody I know loves him. And I do too.




I am aware I can only control my feelings, my intentions and my behavior. Not his.

I am also aware that self- love is the biggest form of love.

I realize It takes courage and strength to keep believing in a relationship when the other person is doubting it.

I understand that most people I speak to in regards to this matter have an opinion about it, and it’s not always easy nor heathy for me to hear it.

I realize that loving someone sometimes means giving them space to thrive and experience on their own.

I realize that love evolves. The feeling of falling in love we have in the beginning  changes overtime and transforms.

I realize that sometimes overthinking leads to complete madness. Feeling is a much better way to go.

I realize that communication with another person is always confusing, especially in second languages. We think we are being clear, but the other person is most likely interpreting our message as something completely different.

I believe in being completely honest and transparent in what I feel and what I want. It is very important to voice one’s wants even if that means putting ego aside.

I realize that fear plays a big role. Fear of the unknown, the what-ifs- and thinking the worse.

I am aware that this process is making me evolve. I have had to evaluate some of my actions and behaviors and learn from my mistakes. I am learning to be vulnerable in the process, show when I am sad or hurt instead of get angry.

I realize as humans we hurt each other, purposefully or unconsciously. Only when we are able to surpass that hurt are we then able to find that below all the fights, the social media BS, the things said, there might still be something valuable.

I realize relationships happen by means of compatibility,  love,  timing, priorities  and a will to work on them.

I realize that break ups are hard and confusing and frustrating and sad and maddening and, and, and. AND, I know I will survive this and thrive even though it does not feel like it right now (and that’s not to minimize the current pain).

This moment calls for stepping back, releasing control over all the plans that I so carefully lined up, and letting the individual process unravel:   taking this time for me and making myself happy and healthy. Pressing the reset button. Taking a mental break.  Finding peace of mind. Getting away from everybody. Being selfish. When my heart will be fully happy and healed, I will be thinking very differently than now. At that point, my heart will just know.


Valentina Rose Yoga Break-up Hurts Hands in Prayer

Powerful Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Testimonial

Powerful Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Testimonial

How many times do you see a description of a yoga retreat deemed “transformative” and “life changing?”

Let’s be honest, unless the retreat is specific to deep personal work, aimed towards a spiritual path or incorporated into a well established program, it won’t and shouldn’t claim to be transformative.

Early on, Ewa and I  thought about the kind of market we wanted to cater to and what kind of retreat we wanted to create at Blue Osa.

We decided something fun, light and vacation-like was best suited for our collaboration and style during our last Happy New You! Yoga Retreat.

Click here to see more of a typical day on the retreat.

Happy New You Yoga Retreat Testimonial Valentina Rose Blog Costa Rica Temple Ritual
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hokklo


We were both amazed, however, at how powerful our last yoga retreat turned out to be for one of our participants.

While we all had a grand time, and will always remember this week as very meaningful, for some of us the week turned out to have deeper effects.

In all of my yoga career, this is the most powerful feedback I have ever received. I am honored to have been part of this positive transformation, and hope for many more to come.

This feed back is also an important reminder that even from fun, simple and lighthearted times deeper transformation can occur.

We are keeping this post anonymous for privacy reasons.


“Hi Ewa and Valentina,

Just wanted to check in and say hello!  I miss you guys!  I can’t believe it’s been one month since our fire/lantern ceremony and super fun night at Martina’s.  In some ways, the time has gone by so quickly and in other ways, mainly because I feel so different, it seems like a really long time ago. 

In the last month, I’ve found myself reflecting so much on how much the yoga retreat has meant to me.  I really believe in synergy and life alignment – and I believe that there was something out there directing us all to Blue Osa this year.  Coming to a yoga retreat is (or, probably more correctly, was) a bit out of my comfort zone, but the internet help us find the two of you and I am so much better for it.

Although this sounds like a serious email, the retreat was PURE JOY, FUN AND PLAY and I think that this is what caused (somehow imperceptibly) this big change in me.  During the week, I became re-connected with my physical self.  I like to thing that I’m fairly in touch with my emotional self (we do a lot of work on that in the field of work that I’m in), but during this process I think I became a bit stuck in my head and disconnected from the rest of me.  During the retreat, through yoga and surfing and swimming and trying handstands and doing cartwheels, I remembered what it felt like to be in touch with me.  Throw in some delicious, whole, and fresh food, great conversations, and new friendships, and I do feel like a new me.

More than that, since coming home, this feeling has grown and developed further rather than faded.  And I think there’s been positive feedback on my mental/emotional self through this connection.  I’m happier and more content, confident, and willing to be vulnerable in relationships and try new things.  I’ve been doing lots of yoga – I finally joined the studio that I having been thinking about joining for years, but was a bit afraid to commit to because I didn’t think I was fit or good enough.  I’ve been cooking more, sleeping better, and taking more time for myself and the relationships that are super important to me. 

I’ve been trying to journal a bit and this is the type of private thing I might write in there, but I also thought it was so important for the two of you to know the impact of the retreat.  I believe that lives of people often cross paths at just the right time, when you’re open and willing to recognize these moments.  That’s how I feel about you.  

So thank you for being just as you are, being brave enough to organize retreats like this, and opening your heart me and all of us!”


Happy New You Yoga Retreat Testimonial Valentina Rose Blog Costa Rica Tadasana
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hokklo


Are you ready for our next retreat?

Happy New You 2016!

December 28th 2016- January 3rd 2017

Sansara Yoga Retreat

Cambutal, Panama


A Day In Matapalo, Costa Rica in the Rainy Season (the Real Deal)

A Day In Matapalo, Costa Rica in the Rainy Season (the Real Deal)

Vacationing on the Osa Peninsula In Costa Rica is a fantastic idea. Staying in a resort such as Blue Osa guarantees idyllic experiences all around. Living in the jungle on your own on the other hand, is a little tougher, although still rewarding.

But let’s face it, when trying to make a living in Matapalo on my own I’m left to deal with certain aspects of life that you don’t concern with at a resort.

Here’s my typical day so far since I’ve gotten here.


Valentina Rose Blog Costa Rica Osa Peninsula Matapalo Life in the Jungle in Rainy Season
Photo Credit: Charles Knox Photography


Keep in mind October is one of the rainier months here in Costa Rica. Tourism tends to be slower which means less jobs,marvelously empty beaches and roads, lush and green vegetation, and it does rain more often (daily).


5am Wake up by howler monkeys from nearby tree and by noise of something being thrown on the roof (metal roof=noise amplified by 80%).


5.30am Stumble out of bed,  look outside the bedroom deck (no walls), notice the rain has ended and take a deep, humid breath. Monkey poop. That’s what was being thrown on the roof. And pieces of branches and leaves too.


Costa Rica Monkeys Valentina Rose Blog
Can you spot the three monkeys?


5:45am Notice some exotic turkey-look alike birds taking over the yard. Find out they are called curaçao.


6am Wipe the kitchen counters to clean gekko poops before breakfast. Sweep the floors covered in leaves from previous night’s wind and heavy rain. Prep juicy papaya, plain white yogurt, honey and granola.  Turn on wifi, send emails and read the news from La Stampa  before the rest of Costa Rica tries to do the same.


Costa Rica Yogurt and Granola



7am Loding….loading……connection lost.


7:15am Brush my teeth in the kitchen sink because bathroom sink is broken.


7.30am Check clothes hanging to dry from the night before. They are still wet. Poufy clouds of mold are starting to grow on the wetter spots. Landry desperately needed.


7.45am Trouble shoot one of the following:


a) I forgot bananas outside the pantry last night and the fruit bats feasted on them leaving even more poop and scraps all over the kitchen.

b) We ran out of gas for the stove or gas for the fridge (separte units)

c)  Water isn’t running because the big generator (not the small one, which is charged by the big one, but only sometimes, even though the small one can’t run the water) hasn’t been turned on in days.

d) We ran out of gasoline for the small generator so we have to call Jose’s cousin’s brother’s nephew who we heard in 2 days (which will be more like 6 days) is making his way here from Puerto Jimenez and see if he can bring us a tank.


8am Brief cold shower (chilly!), open luggage where clothes are stored to protect from humidity and sacrifice an item of clothing knowing that after the mud, the rain and humidity it will never look the same. Shake it for scorpions, re-close luggage. Empty rain boots, one more scorpion/cockroach check, head out the door.


9am Get on bike and head towards Blue Osa. (Soon I will be heading to teach yoga lessons, but for now I still have more free time since It’s low season). Cross the river(s) that have formed overnight and prey I won’t get water in my boots. I get water in my boots. Cows watch unimpressed. Ride on the most beautiful, empty, lush, green dirt road. Smell the fragrant scent of llang llang and forget about all my worries.



Life in the jungle Valentina Rose Blog Costa Rica Matapalo Osa Peninsula


Baby Cow Costa Rica Osa Peninsula
Photo taken by Jonathan Hokklo in Matapalo during previous yoga retreats



9:45am Arrive at Blue Osa. Enter paradise. Dry rainboots in sun. Greet smiling faces, enjoy the best internet connection in the area, eat healthy food made with care, laugh with staff,  pet puppies and kittens.



Blue Osa vegetarian Food Costa Rica



Dogs Of Blue Osa Costa Rica



12pm Head back to Matapalo. It’s high tide. Make my way to the beach for a paddle boarding session. The water is crystalline clear, I’m swimming like a dolphin, there’s hardly anyone in the water and I see a flock of turtles passing by.


Costa Rican Beach Matapalo Costa Rica Valentina Rose Blog



12.30pm Spy a fat coati climb a tree. Notice the dog wants to fight it and remember coatis are vicious even though they look like teddybears. Prey the dog doesn’t die. Find out from locals that grilled coati is delicious.



Coati Costa Rica Jungle



12:35pm The dog spots a lora  on a branch (green exotic parrot) and jumps for it. It grabs the squawing parrot in its mouth and walks away with it. Upon intervention the bird is freed and the dog is sent home in punishment. (Okay this happened only once, but the dog tries to do it every day).



Lora bird Costa Rica


Costa Rican Beach Matapalo Costa Rica Valentina Rose Blog Dog



1pm  Snack. Avocado toast. Toast bread in a pan (no toaster), add avocado. Clean up immediately to prevent ant invasion. I hear the generator is on. Rush to charge phone, computer and electric toothbrush (yes, I know, I know)


2pm Collect laundry,(washing machine is broken), shove in backpack, get on motorcycle, head to friend’s solar powered house that does not need generator. Wash clothes, lay them on grass to dry and pray for sun. Stop by neighbor and be offered coffee and sweet bread.


Costa Rica Motorcycle



3pm Time for a run or yoga. Either one or the other. No time for both as I have one and a half hour before dark. I opt for a run today. Dog in tow and bug spray abounds. Sweat starts dribbling before I get out the door. Tip toe fearfully by mean cows (bulls?), and wave to the cheerful Costa Rican workers who, piled in a truck heading home from work, are whistling and calling. Hear a toucan and observe several macaw parrots argue on the almendra tree.

Tucan Costa Rica Matapalo
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hokklo


Macaw Parrot Costa Rica Osa Peninsula
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hokklo


Matapalo Osa Peninsula Road Valentina Rose Blog Costa Rica



3:45pm Come home and find the cat sleeping on the table on my Trader Joe’s San Francisco bag.  He’s looking guilty as charged. Something smells funny in the house and vultures are circling nearby. Señor cat probably left a little gift somewhere, but I’ll worry about that later.



Costa Rican Jugle Cat Valentina Rose Blog



4pm Notice a spider monkey with its baby right in front of me on the deck. The mom is picking fleas off the baby and then patting the baby on its head and belly. They see me stare and reply back with mocking faces before they leave swingingly on branches.


Baby Money Costa Rica Valentina Rose Blog
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hokklo


4.30pm Almost sunset. Head to the beach for a quick surf-watch session.  Read a story from my current book,  Mujeres de Ojos Grandes by Angeles Mastretta. Admire sunset, if I’m lucky get handed a coconut to sip by my jungle boyfriend.


Sunset Watch Matapalo Costa Rica
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hokklo


5pm Head back, jump in the pool. Do crunches off the side of the pool, (50 straight, 50 sideways) relax. It’s starting to dribble.


5.15pm Collect shower items and head to the warm shower on nearby property. Gloriously shower outdoors under the rain.


5.30pm Rush back (watch for snakes) before it’s pitch dark and organize all my clothes. Protect everything from the rain. Postpone turning on the lights to avoid potential bug attack.


5:45pm Feed the dog and elevate the bowl so the giant toads who roam the night don’t go sitting in his food.


6pm Dinner prep. Wipe the kitchen counters again. Sweep the floor again. Cook rice, lentils and patacones. Drink juice or water. Live in fear of cicada, grasshopper, or cockroaches invading my personal space or even worse my plate. (no walls in the house means endless attack possibilities). Watch a gekko devour a dragonfly on the ceiling.


7pm Unsuccessfully try to connect to wifi and text my friends who I miss like crazy and wish I could just call.


7:15pm Sending, sending…unable to send.


7.30pm Get ready for bed by use of flashlight only (the more lights, the more bugs). Apply lavender lotion for better sleep and thyme for good dreams. Shake sheets and blankets for scorpion check.


8pm Rain has gotten loud; it’s impossible to hear. It’s chilly outside (which also means inside) and perfect to get wrapped in a cozy blanket. Time for bed, good night!


Costa Rican Sunset Osa Peninsula



5 Reasons You Should Go on The Blue Wave Yoga Retreat

5 Reasons You Should Go on The Blue Wave Yoga Retreat

Are you on the fence about booking your plane tickets? Maybe wondering if this is really the vacation for you? Never been on the Blue Wave Surf & Yoga Retreat before? Here are five reasons you should commit and book- no regrets!

Retreat in Paradise 5 reasons you should go on this yoga retreat

1. To vacation without the stress of vacationing

With this yoga retreat, you get to see a new place without having to hassle to figure out all the details. You will get to experience new landscapes and adventures without having to do insane amounts of research on your Lonely Planet. We have it all figured out for you! Just book a flight ticket and we got the rest covered 🙂

Practcing yoga

2. To experience yoga in a whole new way

Have you ever had that feeling that an hour of yoga doesn’t give you enough time to really unwind? Or you have all those questions about a certain pose that you never get a chance to ask? Driving to class and rushing into class has you feeling a little stressed? This yoga retreat is for you. Yoga classes will take place conveniently near your doorsteps, and in front of the ocean. And several times a day. Need we say more?

*Not as into yoga? Not a problem. There will be plenty of opportunities to surf, on the Boca Sombrero break right in front of the resort.


3. To meet cool people

The great thing about the Blue Wave yoga retreat is that everyone who attends is awesome. You will find yourself connecting with people from all walks all life, from different countries and of all different personalities. You will be pleasantly surprised.

4. To leave with a lighter load

Whether you are seeking resolution or not, it is guaranteed that you will emerge from this yoga retreat with new perspectives. Many times we need to walk away from our daily routine, our problem, stress and frustrations so that we can distract ourselves and then come back with a clearer outlook on life. Or maybe. after you take some time “off”, the problems you had before don’t seem as challenging anymore 🙂


5. To establish healthier habits

We want you to be healthy, and we want you to know how that feels so you can continue doing it back at home. We have gourmet healthy meals prepared for you. We want you to know what it feels like to get restful sleep. To unplug. To have the opportunity to read a book in peace. To hear the sounds of the jungle. And to be inspired to seek those quality lifestyle adjustments once you return home. Click here for a typical day on the yoga retreat.

Got more questions?


BDYR studio group shot

Surfing the Matapalo // Osa Peninsula //- A Guide

Surfing the Matapalo // Osa Peninsula //- A Guide

The Osa peninsula is known for many things, and among them, some world class waves. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or a beginner wanting to learn, you will find just what you need in the Osa.

Note that all the surf spots in Matapalo are point breaks.

Aaron surfing pan dulce Blue Osa Costa Rica

 Surfing the Osa

Pandulce 1

Location: Cabo Mata Palo. Drive past the little jungle bar of Martinas, cross the river and take the first left into the road that takes to Cabo Matapalo. Pass casa Bambu, Casa Pina and Casa Dulce on your left and then turn left on a little road that will take you to a tiny parking lot. Lock your vehicles and keep all valuables with you!

Difficulty level: easy. This is a forgiving wave and the best one to learn surfing on.  (this spot is also known by the locals as “Pussy Point”, because it’s one the most beginner surf spots in the area.

Wave direction: Right

Barrels?  Yes, usually smaller ones.

Best part about it: this spot has a fun right wave with a good speed which can make for fun sessions.

Good to surf during: low tide

Crowded? Yes

Watch out for:  When you go in at low tide you will need to walk on some flat rock as you enter the water, which can be a bit slippery. Also sting rays sometimes hang out in the sandy bottoms, so shuffle your feet as you walk in.

Pandulce 2

Location: Cabo Mata Palo. This spot is still Pan Dulce, but a bit further down on the Matapalo road. You can enter from a few different points. You can get to it by walking on a little trail from PanDulce 1 at low tide on your right. You can also go from the Encanta la Vida yoga deck and then take a right on the trail. You’ll see a few benches.

Difficulty level: intermediate

Wave direction: Right

Barrels? yes

Best part about it: all the waves here are great for ripping

Good to surf during: When there’s a big swell you can surf both tides, the high and low, but when the waves are small you want to surf at high tide.

Crowded? Usually yes

Watch out for: rocks

Surfing the Osa Costa Rica


Location: Cabo Mata Palo. Once again take the main Matapalo road and continue until you get to the Backwash parking lot right before a little river. If you passed a steep hill you’ve gone too far.

Difficulty Level: fairly Difficult. Definitely for people who can already surf, not for beginners.

Wave direction: Both rights and lefts

Barrels? yes

Best part about it: All the waves there are good, there’s a good drop and good sections for its airs and maneuvers!

Good to surf during: low tide

Crowded? sometimes

Watch out for: Water currents and rocks. The rocks that divide Backwash from PanDulce 2 are surrounded by strong currents, so make sure you don’t go in/get out from there.


Location: Cabo Mata Palo. Drive all the way to end of the Matapalo road. The beach will be right in front of you.

Difficulty Level: difficult. Experienced surfers only.

Wave direction: right

Barrels? yes. Good barrels

Best part about it: the drop

Good to surf during: low/medium tide

Crowded? it depends on the swell and the season. During the low season you could find only locals surfing there.

Watch out for: rocks underwater and currents during big swells that push towards the rocks. Go in front the right side, not from dead center.

Sunset Watch Matapalo Costa Rica
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hokklo

The rest of the beaches below are NOT located in Cabo Matapalo, but rather in the surrounding area.

 Germany Beach

Location: playa sombrero, right in front of Boca Sombrero. It’s a beach break.

Difficulty level: easy wave

Wave direction: both lefts and rights

Barrels? yes, small ones

Best part about it: it’s a short break, close to the beach. good sessions for barrels

Good to surf during: high tide

Crowded? no

Watch out for: rocks

Playa Tamales

Location: before Blue Osa, while you are driving from Puerto Jimenez. It’s right in front of the  river mouth

Difficulty level: intermediate

Wave direction: left

Barrels? yes

Good to surf during: high tide

Crowded? no

Watch out for: crocodiles and sometimes sharks


Location: Playa Carate. Instead of driving towards Matapalo keep going towards Park Corcovado.

Difficulty level: Not recommended for surfing

Wave direction: both left and right

Barrels? yes

Crowded? no

Watch out for: dangerous currents, crocodiles and sharks.

Surf Lessons

Aaron Garcia lezcano Surf Costa Rica Osa Peninsula

For surf lessons or a private surf guide contact Aaron Garcia, local pro surfer.

Email him at:

Check out his Instagram:

Getting to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica

Getting to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica


The Osa Peninsula (Spanish: Península de Osa) is a peninsula located in southwestern Costa Rica, in the Puntarenas Province, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Golfo Dulce to the east.

The peninsula is home to at least half of all species living in Costa Rica. The main town on the peninsula is Puerto Jimenez, which has its own airport and provides access to Corcovado National Park as well as the coastal villages of Cabo Matapalo and Carate.

Osa Peninsula Costa Rica Map

Before You Travel


A visa to travel for Costa Rica is not required unless you are planning to stay longer than three months. All Canadian, US and EU citizens who travel to Costa Rica for tourism and pleasure purposes need a valid passport. Make sure your passport is at least 6 months valid from the time you enter Costa Rica.

Departure Tax

When you leave Costa Rica you will have to pay a departure tax of $29 USD. It must be paid at Juan Santamaria International Airport before goin through airport security. The tax is payable in either colones, U.S. dollars, or with Visa/Mastercard.


You do not need any shots or vaccines before visiting Costa Rica.

Return Flight

Costa Rican customs and immigrations requires you to show proof of return as you enter Costa Rica. You will most likely be asked to show your return flight ticket, or some kind of outward bound ticket what shows you have plans to exit the country.

Customs and Immigration

When arriving in Costa Rica, you will have to clear Customs and Immigration and will be required to fill out separate forms which are generally given to you on your plane. You will be asked where you are staying in Costa Rica.

You are not allowed to bring any fruit or vegetable inside Costa Rica. All your bags will have to go through a scanner at customs, so if you have food plane make sure you consume/dispose of it beforehand.



Flying into Costa Rica

You will need to fly into Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) first.

The average cost for flights from the U.S. is:

Miami-CR $300/$400
Los Angeles-CR $500
San Francisco- CR $700
New York- CR $800

Be sure to check SkyScanner to see all the combinations of flights that are available for you out there.

Besides the more commonly known airlines such as JetBlue, American Airlines, Spirit, Frontier United and Delta, don’t forget to check Avianca, Aeromexico, and Copa Airlines.

*If you are flying from a less travelled place, i.e. North Carolina, Washington State etc. You will most likely have to lay over in Texas, Colorado, California or Florida.

If the flights seem too complicated you might want to consider an overnight layover in one of those cities, but generally speaking flying from Miami, Huston or Los Angeles will always give the best rates.

Flying into the Osa Peninsula

Once you’ve made it to San Jose, the fastest way to the Osa Peninsula is through a “puddle jumper” flight.

A flight from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez takes approximately 45 minutes. The views are stunning and flying the 15 seater plane is nothing short of a thrill. The two main airlines you can fly with are  Nature Air and Sansa Airlines.

Flight cost can vary depending on the season and availability, but they generally range from $80-$180.

Both of these air-carriers offer numerous flights daily from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez, but there are no late afternoon or evening flights with either air-carrier. The last flight into Jimenez is at approximately 3pm in the afternoon in the high season, and in the green season is usually around 12pm.

Visitors arriving in San Jose in the late afternoon or evening should take this into consideration.(see below for SJ reccos)

Luggage: For the smaller planes, there usually is a 25-pound baggage limit (including carry-ons). Baggage over 25 pounds will incur a surcharge, so pack light!

*Note that you might sometimes be able to fly from San Jose to Golfito instead of Puerto Jimenez. Check below for ferry details on how to easily  get over to Puerto Jimenez.

Driving to the Osa Peninsula

Driving to Blue Osa from San Jose is a great way to experience Costa Rica.

Renting 4 wheel drive vehicles is highly recommended when going to the Osa.The drive from San Jose to the Osa is approximately 6-8 hours.

Recommended car rental companies are – Solid Rent a Car and Toyota.

On the drive down, be sure to check the Crocodile Bridge in Jaco, grab lunch at Rustico also in Jeco or stop for a smoothie in Playa Hermosa and then catch a glimpse of the beach in Dominical.


Bussing to the Osa Peninsula

Traveling by bus is the longer, more adventurous way. It cost about $15 and takes about 8 hours. Buses from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez depart daily  roughly around 6am and 12pm from the San Isidro de El General bus station. Buses from Puerto Jimenez to San Jose leave from the peach colored bus station in town at 4am and 12pm.
The Tracopa Bus 612 from Terminal Alfaro to Golfito can also be taken, which takes about 8 hours and leaves at 7am and 3pm.


If you find yourself in Golfito because you got there by bus or plane, you can easlily make your way to Puerto Jimenez by ferry. The ferry from Golfito to Puerto Jimenez takes about an hour and a half and runs twice daily. Schedule is random and subject to change. Price $4.There are also fast ferries available that can do the trip in about 30 minutes, the cost is $6. The schedule can change. More details here.

PUERTO JIMÈNEZ from Golfito by boat – DEPARTURE: Daily, from Municipal Dock (Muelle) at 11:00; RETURN: 6:00; 1:30 hrs. Office tel. 2735-5036.

Whale tail and the long beaches of Uvita, Marino Ballena National Park



Colones are the official currency of Costa Rica, although U.S. dollars are accepted pretty much everywhere. Most businesses happily accept U.S. dollars (however, expect your change to be in colones). The current rate of exchange fluctuates around 500 colones for every 1 US dollar.

Colones money Costa Rica

Where to Stay in San Jose

Hotel Los Volcanes
Located in Alajuela, (which is where the airport is) Is an affordable, cute hotel that is closely located to the airport and offers airport transfers included in the price.

Colours Oasis Resort

San José’s premier full-service boutique hotel, its atmosphere is warm and inviting to everyone.  Strategically located, conveniently less than -15 minutes from San José’s business and cultural districts, airports and other popular neighborhoods on the west side.

Casa Bella Rita Boutique Bed & Breakfast

Located outside the city of San Jose with a little more style offers a tranquil place away from the city.

Melrost Bed & Breakfast

5 minutes from the airport with a free shuttle, wifi, hot water and great service. The owner Omar is from Puerto Jimenez and is available to run errands and help with translations.

Where to Eat in San Jose


For Argentinian steak, sangria and empanadas.
Calle 11 esquina Avenida 4

Thai and Southeast Asian Cuisine

Calle 11 y Avenidas 6 y 8

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Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica, although English is widely understood.

When to Visit

Costa Rica is a tropical country with twelve micro-climates and three different rainfall regimes.  There are two well defined seasons: the rainy/green season (invierno) and the dry/summer season (verano), with one main difference between them: rainfall averages.

Dry season runs from December to April and the green season from May to November. Come May the temperatures will drop slightly and the nighttimes become much more refreshing.

Rainfall averages for the country may reach the highest point during the months of September and October. As many will attest, the Osa Peninsula is extremely lush and green, and the cooler climate sets it apart from the dryer, dustier rest of Costa Rica (especially the north). So really, every time is a good time to visit.

The Osa

Boca Sombrero Accommodations

Boca Sombrero Accommodations

Boca Sombrero and its magnificent 20-acre property immediately lured Ewa and I with its lush jungle setting and tranquil vibe.

Here are the types of accommodation where you will be able to stay during the Blue Wave Yoga Retreat.

Boca Sombrero Accommodations

There are three bigger houses total and eight smaller bungalows. Note that the  pool that is in front of Casa Playa Sombrero will be accessible to everyone! Scroll below for rates and descriptions.


Thatched-Roof Tent Platforms

The eight thatched-roof tent platforms are especially designed for comfort in a tropical climate. The thatched roof will keep you dry and cool, while a transparent material along the roof-line lets in light. The platforms are outfitted with beautiful, screened Moroccan-style tents whose special fabric allows for ventilation. Each bungalow has a cozy porch for relaxing and a private, open-air shower adjacent. Shared bathroom facilities are nearby and conveniently located. This option is great for you if you’re on the adventure and wanting to save.






tent-platforms at night Boca Sombrero
The moroccan style tent from the inside at night. Super cute!

Casa Playa Sombrero

Casa Playa Sombrero  provides both ocean and lush mountain views. The upstairs room provides two netted, king-sized beds and a balcony with a spectacular view of the Golfo Dulce and has beautiful hardwood floor.  Downstairs has a cozy living space, bathroom and a detached kitchen equipped with professional appliances. Both the living area and kitchen open up to the spacious swimming pool, deck and lounge area. The pool has both deep and shallow areas – perfect for relaxing or swimming.

boca-sombrero Pool picture


Casa Rio Sombrero

Casa Rio Sombrero is custom-finished with fine hardwoods, an open floor plan and a beautiful thatched roof. Upstairs the house has two bedrooms containing king-sized, netted beds. Downstairs, there is a central, open kitchen designed for gathering at the bar. It is also equipped with modern appliances. There is a comfortable dining area and an artfully designed bathroom, detached from the main structure for privacy. The bathroom area includes a covered dipping pool – a refreshing escape from the midday sun.



Casa Troya

Casa Troya reflects the typical home design of the Osa Peninsula with its half-height walls and natural, local building materials. It has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom downstairs and a loft partitioned into two bedrooms upstairs. The overall aesthetic of this home evokes a sense of movement as the lines of the structure resemble a wave, ship or an animal, depending on one’s perspective.



The Rest of The Property

The houses and tent platforms are just steps away from Playa Sombrero and then the fourth house on the property is the Casa Grande, a spacious home where we gather to enjoy meals. Here our professional kitchen crew prepares and serves delicious food in beautiful surroundings. Casa Grande also offers a comfortable and stylish lounge area for just hanging out and free-wifi is provided.

The yoga deck is a 9- by 13-yard hardwood platform built with bamboo and a thatched roof. It sits in front of the beach and comfortably accommodates 30 people.

Another favorite part of the property is the surf watching station, a little jungle chill area right in front of the beach from where you can take a break between surf sessions or just watch others shred the waves!

Boca Sombrero Yoga Deck Costa Rica jungle


*All rates apply to the whole week (7days)

The listed price for the retreat of $975 is for a shared thatched platform tent, so it would be you and one other person that you can either choose or we pair you up with.

“But If I want my own tent-you might ask?

Just add $475 to the  $975 for a total of $1450 to enjoy your own little yoga loft in complete privacy.


If you want to pamper yourself and stay in a house, the house rates are as follows (rates are the same for all three houses)

A)  $2,000 each for 2 people (You pay $975 + an added $1025)

B)  $1,350 each for 3 or more people (You pay $975 + $380)

Whether you choose to stay in the little bungalows or one of the houses, your Costa Rica jungle experience will fabulous, it’s guaranteed! 🙂

For more questions, contact

A Typical Day on the Happy New You! Yoga Retreat

A Typical Day on the Happy New You! Yoga Retreat

In the Blue Wave Yoga Retreat nothing is mandatory, and we want you to experience your vacation as you need it once you arrive at our splendid eco-resort Boca Sombrero.

Ewa and I’s  personalities are easygoing and fun, and so are our yoga retreats. You will enjoy complete freedom while always being included in activities and enjoying a friendly and warm atmosphere.


Here’s a Typical Day at Our Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica:


The sun rises early in Costa Rica and sets early, by 6pm, so it will feel as if the days take place earlier than usual. First thing in the morning you will probably hear the howler monkeys, and that’s all the alarm you’ll need 🙂 You can choose to ignore the monkeys and cozy up under the covers, or you may catch the sunrise for a swim on the beach, meditate, or enjoy tropical fruit with granola and yogurt for breakfast.

Howler monkey with a baby. Photo cred: Jonathan Hokklo
Howler monkey with a baby. Photo cred: Jonathan Hokklo

Sunrise Costa Rica morning


We will offer a total of  three classes to choose from daily. In the morning there will most likely be two at different times. One will be a flow taught by Ewa, and the other one will be alignment based yoga taught by Valentina. Both instructors will give hands on adjustments as the class takes place, and there will be meditation and breath work. You can attend both or for example choose to take a class and then surf, or sleep in and then take a class.



Enjoy a healthy, nourishing, lunch in good company.


Lunch Costa Rica Yoga Retreat


It’s you time. Surf, watch someone surf, chill, take a nap, swim in the pool, get a massage, work with our resident acupuncturist Koji, read a book on a hammock, mingle with old and new  friends, or walk on the the beach. Or enjoy one of the guided jungle hikes, waterfall rappel, zip line, go fishing, kayaking and more.




4pm or so

Depending on the day, you can enjoy another yoga session or workshop. The class can range from yin yoga to restorative, deep stretch, or a slow flow. Or you may decide you’ve had enough yoga for the day and choose another activity.


gentle yoga


Around sunset the energy will shift. Take one last dip in the ocean, gaze out in the horizon, or enjoy a smoothie or tropical cocktail while socializing before dinner. If you’re in the mood for a jungle bar experience, head on over to Martina’s!

Martina's jungle bar is one of a kind!
Martina’s jungle bar is one of a kind!




Dinner. There’s nothing better than a delicious meal cooked with love and enjoyed in good company.

Dinner at Blue Osa


Post dinner: hang out with people, enjoy a glass of wine, play a group game or cards, cozy in bed, read a book, build a bonfire, play music, listen to music being played, take the occasional restorative class or star gaze on the beach, repeat.


Just as in life, nothing in our retreat is fixed. We will adapt to what each day brings and the external elements, such as weather, tides, energy level, or anything we feel. 🙂

We look forward to enjoying many days like these with you!

Please Don’t Go To Mapalo…Let It Always Stay The Same.

Please Don’t Go To Mapalo…Let It Always Stay The Same.


Matapalo Costa Rica Surf Osa PEninsula



Matapalo is a remote area? street?   I don’t even know what to call it- on the Osa Pensinsula in Costa Rica. It is a great surf spot  and a great place to just be.

Don’t go to Matapalo is amazing and no one likes crowds!  Watching the force of the ocean  is a rush worth many roller coaster rides. The ocean is not always forgiving and that’s what makes Matapalo’s world class surf  exhilarating to watch. There’s plenty of action when there’s swell. Come and get it only if you dare.

Please don’t go to Matapalo because…nature will blow your mind.   Capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkey and howlers will greet you in all different ways from their lush tree homes, and if you’re lucky  you can see toucans, hawks and sloths. It’s like being inside National Geographic-happening unrestrained before your eyes. So don’t come unless you will be mindful of this habitat.

 Don’t come to Matapalo because…you are in the middle of  nowhere. No one can find you.  The nearest grocery store is 18Km away.  But you don’t even care. In fact,  you never want to leave.  You don’t need Nordstroms, museums, fancy restaurants and dressy shoes. The beach is your mall. The museum is all around you, just look up. And  who needs restaurants when you have freshly caught fish, avocados and  mangoes? As for shoes.. go barefoot. So don’t come unless you are ready to step into paradise.

Please stay away from Matapalo because… The community here is like no other.   Most  people here are rough around the edges, but they and know how to live in balance with the jungle. They’ve experienced the rainy season and draught. They’re  easygoing, genuine people. A little crazy too.  What’s there not to like? So don’t go to Matapalo unless you have a little bit of crazy in you too. 

Don’t go to Mapalo because  it’s really difficult to reach. This place  can be described in 4 magic words:  off the beaten path. Which means,no cheesy tourists who couldn’t  survive a day in the wild. No lousy  westerner who can’t speak a word of Spanish and thinks Ticos eat Mexican food. Matapalo operates natural selection at it finest.  If you can’t make it with your car through the  rocky, bumpy,steep road…you’re out. Matapaolo has the magical power to restrict the type of people it attracts. So don’t come unless you are ready to be one of the few and  keep it as perfect as it is.

matapalo bench chocolate lab lazy sunday costa rica
My chocolate lab buddy in front of the Matapalo bench