My name is Valentina Rose, and I think the word that describes me best is bi-cultural.  I  was born and raised in Italy and later shifted my life to the North American continent.  But I am neither Italian nor American. Rather I have become a unique person with a mixed cultural background, a propensity to laugh, and the ability to understand many perspectives. And while I now involuntarily speak all the languages I know with an accent, I am unafraid to express my opinion (so I was told).  Ever since I left Italy at age 19, I have lived in Long Island NY, Marin county CA, Santa Cruz, CA, Miami Beach FL, and Blue Osa, Costa Rica and have made it a point to explore other places frequently and consistently.

Today  I find myself  belonging-free (except for my Mini Cooper) trying to live life authentically and to the fullest in Marin County, CA. As I embark upon my third year of travels and unknown, I am not sure where I will go or what I will do. 

This Blog is About:

This blog is a personal memoir where I have decided to share my thoughts. I sort of consider it a keepsake that I am building for myself to have in the future and a way to connect with other with similar interests.

My Story in a Nutshell:

Although I moved to the US on my own without even meaning to, I didn’t really start my adventurous -belonging free  lifestyle until after I graduated from UCSC about two years ago. Finally free from the ever-oppressive goal of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, I decided to leave my comfortable yet stagnant lifestyle, get rid of all my “stuff” and migrate towards warmer climates.


I started practicing yoga in 2010, rather reluctantly, to complement my cross country running practice at the University of Santa Cruz’s Cross Country team. Thanks to my all time favorite instructor Dani Kosmalski, I realized yoga meant a lot more than stretching. I currently hold a 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate from Green Monkey and for the past two years I have had the privilege to teach on a daily basis in Miami, Italy, Costa Rica and California. As of last year I have enjoyed organizing and hosting successful yoga retreats in Costa Rica.

My Biggest Accomplishments So Far:

shifting my lifestyle from one of a troubled teenager into one of a semi-responsible healthy and active adult,  moving houses 13 times, having changed from a materialist- control freak to someone much more easy going and unattached, and having been able to collect a lot of different experiences from  everywhere I go and bringing them with me into my next ones.

Among Some of my Likes Are:

Unicorns, travel that is easy enough to feel spontaneous but is never too uncomfortable,  chocolate labradors, swimming pools, cozy blankets, piña coladas, watching Family Guy while I eat, watercolor paint, unexplainable creativity, ceviche, inspiration coming from nature, human connection,  listening to the  same song on Spotify over and over,  people who keep it real,  Joshua Tree National Park, BKR water bottles, sleeping in before having an active day full of sunshine, Free People clothing, green grass, house boating, garage sales, beauty hunting, music festivals with hippies, the number 11, Burning Man art, hedonism,  tomatoes, Cafe Gratitude, fancy spas, 5 courses meals in Italy, bidets, art Deco, independent movies, making bread from scratch at my grandma’s farm, hot showers before bed.

Things I Could Easily Go Without:

Cold weather, AC, pigeons, chickens, mandatory hand holding, mandatory anything,  blood tests, public buses, overly salty foods, overly spicy foods, stop signs instead of roundabouts on the road, people who try to speak to me in Italian by yelling food names, fake nice people, technology fails, public storage,  bad manners, butter cookies, unclassiness, tea kettles that have grease on them from cooking on the stove, long nails,  close mindedness, kissing in movies, bigotry, gluten free food, alienating city life, traffic, mathematics, skunk smell, garlic, knots in my hair, cotton mouth from eating unripe persimmons, rap music (sorry), salsa dancing (sorry), kayaking, visa applications, car sickness, making my bed every morning and knowing that If I don’t my day won’t be productive, raisins, slow drivers.


3 thoughts on “About”

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