Hi! My name is Valentina. I was born and raised in Italy. I am an alignment-based yoga teacher with a propensity to laugh and the ability to collect experiences, ideas, friendships and points of view and bring them with me onto my next endeavors.

This Blog Is About:

This blog is place where I share my thoughts as a way to relate to others. What I find fascinating is how closely related most of our human experiences are once we begin to share openly.


I started practicing yoga in 2010, rather reluctantly, to complement my cross country running practice at the University of Santa Cruz’s Cross Country team. Thanks to my first yoga teacher Dani Kosmalski, I realized yoga meant a lot more than stretching. I currently am a 500 RYE-E recently graduated from Yogaworks. For the past six years I have had the privilege to teach in Miami, Italy, Costa Rica and California as well as share my knowledge in several yoga teacher trainings at Blue Osa and Studio Yoga. As of 2013 I have enjoyed organizing and hosting successful international yoga retreats with renowned Miami based yoga teacher Ewa Josefsson.


Among Some Of My Likes Are:

Unicorns, travel that is easy enough to feel spontaneous but is never too uncomfortable, cozy blankets, watching Family Guy while I eat,  listening to the  same song on Spotify over and over, Joshua Tree National Park, an active day full of sunshine, sleeping and nature, Free People clothing, green grass, garage sales, beauty hunting, the number 1111, Burning Man art, vine ripened tomatoes, Cafe Gratitude, spas, bidets, art Deco, independent movies, making bread from scratch at my grandma’s farm, hot baths before bed.


Things I Could Easily Go Without:

Cold weather, AC, pigeons, chickens, mandatory hand holding, mandatory anything,  overly salty foods,  stop signs instead of roundabouts, people who try to speak to me in Italian by yelling food names, bad manners, butter cookies, tea kettles that have grease on them, close-mindedness, bigotry, gluten free food, alienating city life, traffic, mathematics, skunk smell, garlic, knots in my hair, cotton mouth from eating unripe persimmons, raisins, slow drivers, car sickness, making my bed every morning and knowing that If I don’t my day won’t be productive.