When Rain Gets Loud (the Magic of Silence)

One of the things about tropical weather is rain. 

A loud, wet, all encompassing, end-of-the-world kind of rain. 

With loud thunder and lightning too. 


Photo credit: Charles Knox Photography


Once this kind of rain starts to hit, you have no choice but to retrieve to your shelter and wait. 

Sure, you can move around, perhaps cook or read a book, but that’s about it. 

The one thing that becomes really difficult is talk. Because you can’t hear a thing. 

So you want to communicate, say: “Oh by the way, today this happened” and then you want to say: “Look, I really think this shampoo works better than my old one” and then you want to exclaim: “I’m so hungry! What are we going to have for dinner?”

But instead you just don’t say anything, because talking under that rain would mean screaming really loud with few chances of getting heard anyways. 




But to your surprise, silence is okay. 


Even though you’re a chatter box at heart and definitely (always) have things to say, you resign to the fact that talking is just not an option at the moment. 

And you realize that everything somehow proceeds smoothly even without you saying anything at all. 

With you keeping your thoughts a little bit more hidden inside your head.  

Some people talk only when they have something important to say.  

Maybe I’ll become one of them after a few months in the tropical rain 😉

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