Who Goes on Yoga Retreats?

ellie and Lowrie poolside Blue Osa

Many of you have asked “What kind of people do you want on your yoga retreat? “What is the age range”? “Will I fit in?”

Those are legitimate question to ask when you want to make sure that you will socialize and connect with the rest of the group.

Our answer is: we are not concerned with your age, what we care about is that you are an easygoing, fun, and inspiring individual; basically, that you are a cool human being.

That is the only requirement to be part of one of our yoga retreats.

As yoga retreat leaders, both Ewa and I have found ourselves wishing we could coordinate the participants in the retreat; for example we both wish our friends/sisters/cousins could be there or we make conjectures on how we think so-and-so from NY would really along with our other friend from Los Angeles and “oh wouldn’t it be so cool to have them both there” because it brings us so much happiness to think of having you all there with us.

But for as much as we get excited into plotting the shape the retreat, we have learned to sit back and not manipulate it, because we realize that the group that will form will be perfect and balanced just as it is.

Last year we were lucky enough to have some of our best friends make the retreat, but then we also met a number of people whom we had never met before, which allowed us to expand our own social circles.

ellie and Lowrie poolside Blue Osa

Age Range

There is no age restriction, and we can’t stress it enough. We don’t care about the birth year on your passport. We want you because you are fun to be around. Last year we had a mother and teenage daughter come to the retreat, and it was such a blast to have their energy around and watch them interact.

For last year’s retreat, we would say the average age range was between 20-something to 45 something years old.

Given the interest that we have had from people lately, we expect this year’s retreats to be even more broad in terms of the age range.

Will I Fit In?

Yes. Everything will fall into place and you will make everlasting friendships with people you never expected. Some of them will live nearby you, some far away (which will give you an excuse to visit!). Some people last year came on their own and by end of the retreat they were inseparable with their new friends.

Ewa and I were so ecstatic to find out that people from last year’s retreat are now friends and see each other on a regular basis.



Are all the People on the Retreat Yogis?

You’d assume that everyone who comes to the yoga retreat is a dedicated yogi who wants to practice four hours a day. Not true. Last year, we had our two friends Johnathan (s), who were much more interested in surfing than they were in yoga. They took the occasional class a few times that week but the rest of the time they were out and about surfing and being jungle boys with their 4 wheel drive rental car.

Also, last year our friend Christina came to the retreat despite having an injured foot in a cast. She joined in for the meditation part of yoga, and chilled the rest of the time.

And while there are plenty of people who want to practice long and hard, you do not need to be obsessed with yoga to come to a yoga retreat. The retreat is an all encompassing experience that includes much more than yoga.



What If I want to Deepen My Yoga Practice But Haven’t Practiced in a While?

Not a problem. We will offer plenty of slower, alignment based classes where you will be able to get your practice going at a more accessible pace. There will be something for everyone.


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