A Typical Day on the Happy New You! Yoga Retreat

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In the Blue Wave Yoga Retreat nothing is mandatory, and we want you to experience your vacation as you need it once you arrive at our splendid eco-resort Boca Sombrero.

Ewa and I’s  personalities are easygoing and fun, and so are our yoga retreats. You will enjoy complete freedom while always being included in activities and enjoying a friendly and warm atmosphere.


Here’s a Typical Day at Our Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica:


The sun rises early in Costa Rica and sets early, by 6pm, so it will feel as if the days take place earlier than usual. First thing in the morning you will probably hear the howler monkeys, and that’s all the alarm you’ll need 🙂 You can choose to ignore the monkeys and cozy up under the covers, or you may catch the sunrise for a swim on the beach, meditate, or enjoy tropical fruit with granola and yogurt for breakfast.

Howler monkey with a baby. Photo cred: Jonathan Hokklo
Howler monkey with a baby. Photo cred: Jonathan Hokklo

Sunrise Costa Rica morning


We will offer a total of  three classes to choose from daily. In the morning there will most likely be two at different times. One will be a flow taught by Ewa, and the other one will be alignment based yoga taught by Valentina. Both instructors will give hands on adjustments as the class takes place, and there will be meditation and breath work. You can attend both or for example choose to take a class and then surf, or sleep in and then take a class.



Enjoy a healthy, nourishing, lunch in good company.


Lunch Costa Rica Yoga Retreat


It’s you time. Surf, watch someone surf, chill, take a nap, swim in the pool, get a massage, work with our resident acupuncturist Koji, read a book on a hammock, mingle with old and new  friends, or walk on the the beach. Or enjoy one of the guided jungle hikes, waterfall rappel, zip line, go fishing, kayaking and more.




4pm or so

Depending on the day, you can enjoy another yoga session or workshop. The class can range from yin yoga to restorative, deep stretch, or a slow flow. Or you may decide you’ve had enough yoga for the day and choose another activity.


gentle yoga


Around sunset the energy will shift. Take one last dip in the ocean, gaze out in the horizon, or enjoy a smoothie or tropical cocktail while socializing before dinner. If you’re in the mood for a jungle bar experience, head on over to Martina’s!

Martina's jungle bar is one of a kind!
Martina’s jungle bar is one of a kind!




Dinner. There’s nothing better than a delicious meal cooked with love and enjoyed in good company.

Dinner at Blue Osa


Post dinner: hang out with people, enjoy a glass of wine, play a group game or cards, cozy in bed, read a book, build a bonfire, play music, listen to music being played, take the occasional restorative class or star gaze on the beach, repeat.


Just as in life, nothing in our retreat is fixed. We will adapt to what each day brings and the external elements, such as weather, tides, energy level, or anything we feel. 🙂

We look forward to enjoying many days like these with you!

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