My Top 10 Favorite Instragrammers

Sunshel Instagram

Ahhh gotta love Instagram. It’s all about visuals, not a lot of words, no inbox messages to answer, no such thing as friend requests…Hashtags prevent you from having to formulate full sentences and you can look at (almost) anyones’s profile, no questions asked.

All jokes aside, I have become more and more enthralled with Instagram and what it has to offer. Some amazing photographs are to be found on this neat little app and it has helped me narrow my own interests and explore them deeper at the same time. Among those interests of mine are: yoga poses, healthy food, desserts, deserted beaches, redwoods, 11:11, city murals, modern interior design, boho fashion, chocolate labs, surfers.

Connecting with people on a purely visual, artistic basis is so refreshing.

Gomukasana arms Valentina Mill Valley Instagram
Inspire and be inspired. Always.

Here are (in no particular order) my top 10 Instagrammers:


Sunshel Instagram

I actually had the privilege of living with her at Blue Osa for a few months. High quality photos and flawless yoga poses combined with vegan dishes. Shelby world translates excellently on camera.



I’ve always liked homes and interior design, and with Twiliamsphoto  I can teletrasport myself into these amazing spaces. Like this cozy stylish bed.



Boho chich, her style reminds me of Free People. Brings new perspectives by capturing things from different angles.



She is beauty personified. Her yoga practice is incredible and I like seeing photographs of the healthy things she eats that I would never make on my own (chia-what?)



For my green fix I can always count on Hatudah to re-connect with garden, animals and that true Oregon feel.



Recently discovered. Vibrant. So much color. Artsy combined with lots of fruits, veggies and a few blacks and whites.



Mystical, almost a bit spooky, lots of outdoor landscapes and trees. Like an elf in the woods!



Love the ballerinas, the walls, bikes and everything in between.



Witty, bright and fresh. She’s a foodie, lives in San Francisco and has a sense of humor. What more can you ask for?



Personable and cute. A narrative of a girl’s life. Love her dog.


Of course there are many more Instagrammers I enjoy like my closest friends, Patrick Beach and National Geographic, but I chose these 10 because their profiles do a great job at conveying their personalities while remaining splendid works of art.

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