Matapalo Costa Rica Surf Osa PEninsula

Please Don’t Go To Mapalo…Let It Always Stay The Same.


Matapalo Costa Rica Surf Osa PEninsula



Matapalo is a remote area? street?   I don’t even know what to call it- on the Osa Pensinsula in Costa Rica. It is a great surf spot  and a great place to just be.

Don’t go to Matapalo is amazing and no one likes crowds!  Watching the force of the ocean  is a rush worth many roller coaster rides. The ocean is not always forgiving and that’s what makes Matapalo’s world class surf  exhilarating to watch. There’s plenty of action when there’s swell. Come and get it only if you dare.

Please don’t go to Matapalo because…nature will blow your mind.   Capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkey and howlers will greet you in all different ways from their lush tree homes, and if you’re lucky  you can see toucans, hawks and sloths. It’s like being inside National Geographic-happening unrestrained before your eyes. So don’t come unless you will be mindful of this habitat.

 Don’t come to Matapalo because…you are in the middle of  nowhere. No one can find you.  The nearest grocery store is 18Km away.  But you don’t even care. In fact,  you never want to leave.  You don’t need Nordstroms, museums, fancy restaurants and dressy shoes. The beach is your mall. The museum is all around you, just look up. And  who needs restaurants when you have freshly caught fish, avocados and  mangoes? As for shoes.. go barefoot. So don’t come unless you are ready to step into paradise.

Please stay away from Matapalo because… The community here is like no other.   Most  people here are rough around the edges, but they and know how to live in balance with the jungle. They’ve experienced the rainy season and draught. They’re  easygoing, genuine people. A little crazy too.  What’s there not to like? So don’t go to Matapalo unless you have a little bit of crazy in you too. 

Don’t go to Mapalo because  it’s really difficult to reach. This place  can be described in 4 magic words:  off the beaten path. Which means,no cheesy tourists who couldn’t  survive a day in the wild. No lousy  westerner who can’t speak a word of Spanish and thinks Ticos eat Mexican food. Matapalo operates natural selection at it finest.  If you can’t make it with your car through the  rocky, bumpy,steep road…you’re out. Matapaolo has the magical power to restrict the type of people it attracts. So don’t come unless you are ready to be one of the few and  keep it as perfect as it is.

matapalo bench chocolate lab lazy sunday costa rica
My chocolate lab buddy in front of the Matapalo bench